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FIFTY YEARS. Half a century of existence, for our family business, passed on from father to son.


1947 - The adventure starts in the heart of Fontvieille, at the Grand’Rue, with Marius the father and André the son. Marius in his fifty’s and André just 17 years old.
The Vallée des Baux Olive is already appraised as a product of high quality, even before the A.O.C.
At the end of the first ten years the ARNAUD, father and son, supplied the Provence and also Paris with the local Olives cassées with fennel. The season spread from the first harvest in September till mid-december with the last deliveries. It is a family handicraft.


1956 - The success is here and keeps growing, with a likable product, and demanding customers. During the slack season, Marius, André and the other son Louis (who has joined the family affair) expand their entreprise.  It is now the beginning at 45 route de Tarascon. They carry on the production of the local olive, but because of the severe cold winter 1956, destroying the provençal olive grove, they had to look towards NORTH AFRICA. The fresh olives from Algerian enabled them to pursue the trade of basic products and start the canning of the black olives “Nices Style” which enjoys a spectacular success.


1970 - It is the decive turning point, the success assured for the famous Moulin de Daudet tins.
Continuesly in search of creating new products, André ARNAUD invented among all his provençal recepies the “façon Grèce huilée aromatisée” Greek style with oil and herbs, a production meant to fight against competition, wich is very often copied but unequalled, and till now the jewel of the ARNAUD Olive range. The stage of handicraft was totally over.


1972 - Creation of a new factory, with a pasteurization line.
It is the “Olive Boom” with the 5/1 or the 4/4 with the green Olives with herbs de Provence. It is above all the first export order for England. Mr Justin de Blank, liked so much the flavours of ARNAUD Olives, he became the first importer of the famous Moulin de Daudet red and green tins.
The first English year was very hard, but the success was explosive. From then the ARNAUD society got more involved on the foreign market, a source of unquestionable development.


1987 - Forty years since the first Cassées of  Grand’Rue. The export brings to the ARNAUD Family an international recognition.
The Mediteranean meetings enabled them to contact other Europeans customers and specially with the United States. The world expansion is steadily rising.


1988 - United States, Netherlands, Swizerland, Germany.


1989 - Denmark, Austria, creation of ½ size for export.


1994 - Asia, with Japan, Hong-Kong and Singapore.

Meanwhile in 1989, Philippe and Pierre, André’s sons, have joined the management of the ARNAUD Industry, ready to take over from their father.


1994 - Pierre invents a new product, the olives with pickles and specially the famous tapenade provençale, which has a great success in the United States, while Philippe has the administration of the ARNAUD Industry.


1997 - Inauguration of the new production site, new machinery with better performance and respecting all the European and Americans directions.

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